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Telwater Pty Ltd: Our liability for boats of our own manufacture is limited to making good any defects by repairing the same or, at our option, by replacement within a period not exceeding thirty six (36) calendar months after the boat has been sold by our dealer for the first time, subject to the Quintrex Three Year Limited Warranty Special Provisions. (For warranty conditions on your outboard motor and QUINTREX Trailer, refer to their applicable owners' manual supplied with these items). Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Quintrex boat warranty special provisions require that:
  1. The boat must be maintained and used in accordance with the Boat Capacity Plate and Necessary Maintenance Directions attached to the boat and owners manual.
  2. The boat and/or outboard/inboard engine must not have been altered or operated outside safe boating practices or the limits of the design specifications set down in the brochure or owners manual.
  3. The boat has not been damaged by neglect, accident, improper use or used for competitive purposes.
  4. The warranty does not cover any consequential expenses beyond the warranty repair of the boat itself, e.g. Freighting.
  5. Telwater Pty. Ltd. shall not be liable for consequential loss of any kind arising out of the supply or operation of the boat.
  6. Paint is warranted against defective paint or application, NOT against the normal effect of oxidization and degradation caused by fuel and dissimilar metals.
  7. The normal effect of oxidisation of aluminium has the potential to bubble paint surface finish. Surface contaminates could cause oxidisation if not removed from the vessel.
  8. The fitting of wedges and anti-ventilation plate foils to the outboard/inboard engine could void the warranty (refer to special provision 2).
  9. Any work agreed to be repaired by Telwater will be done ex factory, and freighting costs to and from the factory will be the purchasers responsibility. The warranty does not cover items replaced during normal service and maintenance operations and which are subject to wear. These arrangements apply regardless of any change in ownership during the period covered.
  10. Any work agreed to be repaired by Telwater will be done ex factory, and freighting costs to and from the factory will be the purchasers responsibility. The warranty does not cover items replaced during normal service and maintenance operations and which are subject to wear. These arrangements apply regardless of any change in ownership during the period covered.
  11. Subject to item 12, the above warranty is in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or implied, conferred by statute or otherwise and is the only warranty given by Telwater on the boat or any part thereof. Any warranties under the Sale Of Goods Act are expressly excluded.
  12. All warranties and conditions implied under the Trade Practices Act, including as to one of merchantable quality, are not excluded by this warranty except that Telwater limits its liability for breach to:
    • (a) the replacement of the boat or products; or
    • (b) the repair of the boat or products,
    at Telwaters' option with all freighting costs to be the purchaser's responsibility.
  13. Excludes windscreen/windshield breakage and leakage around windscreens/windshields or other designed openings.
  14. Telwater provides a general warranty as to the fitness for the purpose for the period of 12 months from the date of purchase with regard to upholstery, including lounges, backrests and seats. Telwater will NOT warrant boats, which have been improperly trailed. E.g. the use of multi roller trailers, Incorrect or insufficient tie down from vessel to trailer, no engine support through an engine support bracket and off road use.

Commercial Use
Telwater Pty. Ltd. does not warrant boats used commercially or warrant that QUINTREX boats are suitable for your particular commercial application.

It is a condition of the sale to you of any boat or Telwater product that the warranties and special provisions as set out above form part of the contract of sale between Telwater and you.

Important Information
The contents of this website, excluding Warranty and Warranty Provisions, will not form part of any contractual agreement. QUINTREX recommends all persons comply with their local boating regulations and are familiar with safe boating practices.

This website is designed to provide you with an introduction to the Quintrex Products (including available optional equipment). Because of changes in conditions and circumstances Quintrex* reserves the right at any time, at its discretion, and without notice, to discontinue or change the features, designs, materials, colours and other specifications and the prices of its products, and, to either permanently or temporarily withdraw any such products from the market without incurring any liability to any prospective purchaser.

Details referred to in this website are based on pre-production specifications and could be altered or deleted prior to the boat's sale date. Because of variations which occur in manufactured products, all capacities, measurements, dimensions and weights quoted should be taken as approximate only and are subject to change.

Quintrex reserves the right to discontinue or change any of the exterior colours and interior trims referred to in this website at any time without notice. Every effort has been made to depict boat colours and trims as realistically as possible in this website, however some variation may occur due to printing limitations.

Always consult an authorised Quintrex Dealer to view actual colours and trims and for the latest information with respect to features, specifications, prices, optional equipment and availability before deciding to purchase. Quintrex do not offer factory direct sales or prices.
Telwater will now be offering an additional 2 year bonus warranty after the existing 3year Telwater warranty expires. This provides the end consumer with a total of 5 years factory backed warranty on any new boat purchases.

Telwater will now provide an additional 2 year structural warranty on the boat and trailer (including labour.)

What is eligible?

- All new Telwater Boat and Trailer packages

- Boat only purchases.

Standalone trailer orders are exempt from this bonus warranty.

This warranty covers failures caused by defect in material or factory workmanship.

The 2 year warranty extension will terminate upon failure to meet any of the Warranty Conditions.

Warranty Conditions to attain extended Warranty:

- 20 hour / 3month inspection, followed by annual inspections up to year 5 from purchase date must be performed and documented online with Telwater by an approved Telwater dealer.

- If the boat has been inspected at these intervals since purchase date it is eligible for the extended structural warranty.

- Customers must log services in the Telwater owner’s manual and retain all invoices for their records.

- Dealer must log service details online with Telwater.

- Warranty coverage becomes available upon registration of the product online with Telwater.
It is a requirement to register every new boat within 10 calendar days from the date of delivery to the customer, Failure to do will jeopardize your Telwater dealer agreement and most importantly engage your liability in the event of an accident related to a safety recall not performed. All registrations must reflect:

- the true date of delivery of the unit to the retail customer

- the model and serial number

- the name and the complete address of the customer, including phone number

- It is the dealer/distributor’s obligation to identify and explain the conditions of the 3 + 2 warranty program.

Warranty Period Coverage:
Provided that the extension Warranty Conditions have been met the additional 2 Year warranty coverage will commence once the product’s standard limited warranty period (3 years) has expired. The total duration of the coverage will be five (5) years. Unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred to a subsequent purchaser upon proper re-registration of the product with Telwater online.

Any Products that have been modified or altered from their original production configuration may be excluded from any Telwater warranty coverage. The addition of, or replacement with, parts or accessories not approved by Telwater, or not installed by an Authorised Telwater dealer, may be cause for your 3 + 2 Telwater warranty to be void. This will also be applicable to your standard 3 year warranty.

What’s involved in the inspection to receive your 2 year bonus warranty?

In addition to the annual service points outlined in the Telwater Owner’s Manual

/site/DefaultSite/filesystem/documents/PDF owners manual/18955_Telwater_OwnerManualUpdate_0718_AW.pdf

The inspections below are required annually through to year 5 to attain the additional warranty:

- Bottom sheet inspection looking for any damage or distortion

- Lift the carpeted floor to inspect for foreign debris (zinc sinkers etc) and inspect condition of bottom sheet support ribs and welds.

- Inspect underfloor foam condition

- Inspect for any hull leaks

- Inspect condition of the fuel tank and its supports.

For more information please refer to the Telwater website